About Us

About Our Club

Welcome to the Port Macquarie-Hastings Kennel & Obedience Club. Established in 1973, we are affiliated with Dogs NSW and operate as a volunteer non-profit dog training organisation. 

We offer members basic Obedience training classes from Puppy Pre-School, beginner’s right through to trial level. For those interested in more informal instruction we offer classes that are more fun orientated, such as "good manners” training. We also offer a comprehensive Agility training course right through from beginners to trial level instruction. 

Our Demonstration Team proudly takes part in Community events. We host annual Dogs NSW approved & sanctioned Show, Obedience, Rally-O and Agility trials Port Macquarie-Hastings Kennel & Obedience Club Inc is a reward-based training organisation offering Membership and training classes to all breeds of dogs regardless of size or parentage.

Our Aims

  • To promote responsible dog ownership
  • To foster better canine good citizens at both ends of the leash
  • To offer members an environment to build better relationships and understanding between them and their dogs, regardless of which activity they choose to involve themselves in.

About Our Club

Our Training Philosophy

Our Club uses the POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT (or reward-based training) method. We understand and accept that there are many ways to train a dog and appreciate every dog is an individual. Just like us dogs have different temperaments, needs, level of understanding and ability to learn. 

A reward is “payment” for a job well done. When beginning to learn the “reward” is used at a very high rate, almost every step of the way. 

At obedience training, we use moist food treats as payment. 

A reward “marker” is a word (simple like good or yes) or a sound (like a clicker) that the dog associates with success. The “marker” must be given immediately the correct behaviour is given by your dog. The “reward” (food, pat, praise, toy etc) follows. That way your dog associates the “marker” word with something good coming. 

We do not punish incorrect attempts but repeat the exercise and reward when done correctly. 

Our aim is to make training for both you and your dog fun, rewarding and productive, setting you up to succeed so you can enjoy a happy partnership within your family and the community.

Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Our instructors are all volunteers who give their time because they love dogs. Between them, they have years of experience training dogs and many trial their own dogs. They look forward to helping you change an untrained, sometimes crazy dog, or your excitable young puppy, into a well-mannered much-loved family member and better canine citizen. They are always available and happy to help.

If you decide to progress, from basic training to trialling your dog, they will help you in any way they can to achieve your goals.

The Committee

PresidentSally Hopkins
Senior Vice PresidentKaren Toms
Vice PresidentsTina Paul & Gunilla Haydon
TreasurerBetty Lambert
SecretaryJackie Reid
Assistant Secretary
Assistant TreasurerLynne Booth
Committee MembersTerry Copely
Sally Moy
Carolyn Veness
Kirsten Molloy
Show SecretaryJacquie Dixon
Public OfficerLynne Booth
Publicity Officer
Chief Obedience InstructorTina Paul
Chief Agility InstructorDavid Paul
Chief Rally-O InstructorKaren Toms
Trial ManagersAgility May 2020 - Sally Hopkins

Agility August 2020 - 
Obedience & Rally-OKaren Toms

Meetings are held bi-monthly and the Annual General Meeting is held in August each year. Meetings dates, time and place are advertised on the club Facebook page and in the news section of this website. All members are invited and encouraged to attend and become involved.

Our Life Members

Life membership is awarded to members who have given outstanding service to the club for more than five years. They have served on the committee and/or instructed with the club. They may have also acted as Judges, Stewards and Competitors in the many competitions or trials held. 

We currently have 6 life members: