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Trialling Events--

Trialling Events

Obedience, Rally-O and Agility Trials are held throughout the year from April to October during the day and some evening trials are held from November to March.

To participate in trials you and your dog must be registered with Dogs NSW. Port Macquarie hosts Agility Trials in May and August each year and an Obedience, Rally-O and Conformation (Breed) show in October each year. 


Agility is a fast, exciting and fun activity for you and your dog. It involves owners/handlers directing dogs around obstacle courses, attempting to negotiate the obstacles correctly and to make or beat the course time set by the judge. The obstacles comprise various types of jumps, tunnels, hoop, a-frame ramp, elevated walk, see-saw, and poles that the dogs weave through. 

Your dog must have a minimum sound recall and basic obedience training to undertake agility. Speak to our Agility Instructors for more information. 


Dogs can be entered in Obedience trials when they have reached a certain standard of obedience training. Levels are CCD (Community Companion Dog), CD/Novice (Companion Dog), DCX/Open (Companion Dog Excellent), UD (Utility Dog) and UDX (Utility Dog Excellent). Each owner/handler and dog team has to complete a set of exercises in a ring under the direction of a qualified judge. 


Rally-O is the fun form of obedience trials. Dog and owner/handler navigate a course of stations, each one has an attached sign for a separate exercise. These are read and interpreted by the owner/handler. 

For more information about each of these sports, visit our training page.

Titles and Awards 

Handlers and their dogs can compete in trials with the aim of achieving titles. A 'clear round' must be obtained to receive a “Qualification” which is no time faults or course faults recorded on the course. 

As qualifications are gained “Titles” are awarded and the dog will progress to the next higher class, Novice to Excellent and then Master. 

Once obtained from Dogs NSW, these titles can be added to your dog’s pedigree. 

Dogs can be entered in Obedience trials when they have reached a certain standard of obedience training. Levels are 

  • CCD (Community Companion Dog)
  • CD / Novice (Companion Dog)
  • CDX / Open Companion Dog Excellent)
  • UD (Utility Dog)
  • UDX (Utility Dog Excellent).